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Aluminum furniture

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Aluminum alloy was first used in doors and windows. With the increasing popularity of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy has been used in furniture. Aluminum furniture has many advantages, the biggest advantage of aluminum furniture is light. Aluminum alloy furniture is two-thirds of the weight of solid wood furniture, so it is easier to lift. Aluminum alloy furniture has strong corrosion resistance and environmental protection material, which is in line with people’s pursuit of environmental protection. All aluminum furniture has the advantages of safety and environmental protection; from mining to processing, all aluminum furniture does not add any adhesive and materials containing formaldehyde, which realizes zero formaldehyde, and it is easy to recycle, and it can also bring recycling income. Secondly, the installation of all aluminum home is fast installation by splicing, which does not need too much processing, so the installation is also convenient. All aluminum furniture has the advantages of fireproof and moisture-proof; it won’t be moldy and deformed in water, and can withstand the test of fire, with good fireproof performance.

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