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Why choose industrial aluminum profiles for custom fences?

With the development of The Times, many industrial equipment manufacturers like to arm their equipment and robots on the fence, playing a safety isolation to protect the normal operation of machinery and the safety of staff. How about industrial aluminum for the custom fence? It must be good! And very good! Because the industrial aluminum profile has a modern sense, it is also particularly simple and convenient to use, and the supporting products are easy to assemble. In addition, the aluminum profile itself has the function of anti-corrosion and anti-rust easy to clean. Below we will introduce the aluminum profile fence, let us understand the overall aluminum profile fence related materials and processing methods, and so on.

The main frame of the industrial aluminum fence is usually 4040 and 4080. Usually in the corner of the column, the top, the stress point strong place to use 4080 profile. Conventional line profiles are square, the finished products are oxidized, the surface is smooth. Especially after industry 4.0, more and more industrial factory workshops need aluminum profile fencing to ensure the safety of workshops.


The use of industrial aluminum profile custom fence processing, assembly is very convenient, the connection part is dedicated accessories connection. We only need to process according to the previously designed drawings, punch holes and tap wires, which is especially convenient for assembly. The bottom of the fence is also a special foot, which can be fixed or moved. It is especially easy to combine with special accessories.


In addition, customized industrial aluminum fence auxiliary material selection, usually acrylic, protective light, flame retardant board, plexiglass and so on. Other customers will choose a 40 by 40 black grid. When using these auxiliary materials, you just need to insert them into the slot reserved for the profile, which is super convenient for seamless connection.

Post time: Nov-02-2020